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Phosphorous Bronze Wires

This alloy contains concentrations of phosphorous and tin from 1% to 9%.


  • Properties : Flexibility, electrical and thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance to salt water and acids, formability, strength, resistance to stress relaxation, fatigue, wear, thermal softening and cracking, endurance, solderability, machinability and formability
  • Suitable for : Fasteners, contact springs, messenger wire, resistance wire, electrical connectors, electronic connectors, fuse clips, switch parts, wire brushes, pins, beater bars, truss wire, welding rods, terminals, gears, marine parts and so on
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Technical Specifications

  • C501 (0.13mm – 13mm diameter)
  • C505 (0.13mm – 13mm diameter)
  • C507 (0.13mm – 13mm diameter)
  • C509 (0.13mm – 13mm diameter)
  • C510 (0.13mm – 15mm diameter)
  • C511 (0.13mm – 15mm diameter)
  • C519 (0.13mm – 15mm diameter)
  • C521 (0.13mm – 15mm diameter)