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Copper Wires (Oxygen Free)

Oxygen free copper wires are available in two forms – Oxygen Free Electronic grade copper (CDA 101 / Cu-OFE) is 99.99% pure, while Oxygen Free copper (CDA 102 / Cu-OF) is 99.95% pure. Absence of oxygen creates resistance to hydrogen embrittlement and increases conductivity to over 101% IACS.


  • Properties : Weldability, ductility, corrosion resistance, formability, and thermal conductivity.
  • Suitable for: Bus conductors, electrical conductors, coaxial copper cables, electrical cable, trolley wire, magnet wire, and so on
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Technical Specifications

A) Copper Wires (Oxygen Free)

    • C101 (0.16 – 25mm diameter)
    • C102 (0.16 – 25mm diameter)


B) Specialty Wire for Welding Tin Cans

    • C101 (1.24mm/1.27mm/1.38mm/1.50mm diameter)
    • C102 (1.24mm/1.27mm/1.38mm/1.50mm diameter)