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Copper Wires, Alloys & Copper Cathodes

Copper Wires

Copper wire has high tensile strength and therefore can be soldered. Copper electrical wire is the preferred material in almost all categories of electrical wiring, automotive wiring harness, trolley wires (contact wires for high speed trains, trams and trolleybuses), and also aviation wiring harness. We are one of the leading copper electrical wire supplier in delhi, copper scraps and other copper products in India.

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Alloy Wires

Alloy wires are manufactured from high quality virgin copper. The copper is then alloyed, cast, drawn and annealed under various processes to produce wire diameters as per requirement. The process of induction annealing reduces instances of product contamination, warpage, distortion and reject rates.

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Copper Cathodes

Copper cathode is got from smelting and refining of copper concentrates. The journey of copper starts from the ore to concentrates. The concentrates are then smelted and refined to achieve the form of a cathode plate. In copper production, the basic product is copper cathode. The products made from copper cathodes have 99.99% copper content.

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