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Copper Wires

The preferred material in almost all categories of electrical wiring, automotive wiring harness, trolley wires and aviation wiring harness

# Oxygen Free Copper Wires # Silver Bearing Oxygen Free Copper Wires # Copper Phosphorous Wires # Copper as Cast Wire Rod (Oxygen Free)


Alloy Wires

Manufactured through induction annealing, which provides speed, consistency and control

Alloy wires retains the metal’s original properties and reduces instances of product warpage, distortion and reject rates.


Copper Scrap

Recycling copper minimizes environmental risks

Copper scrap is the scrap that arises from manufacturing processes. It can also be any surplus product. Copper scrap is graded into different types depending upon its composition.


Aluminium Scrap

Aluminium recycling translates into resource conservation

Aluminium is the third most recycled material in the world. The scrap metal can be processed to be reused in other products. For instance, used beverage cans are recycled to make aluminium cans.

Copper – One of the Most Important Metals

Copper is a naturally-occurring nonferrous metal that is suitable for many hundreds of applications.

Copper is widely used for electrical applications. Metalco India is leading copper supplier in Delhi, India.

Highly ductile

Superior heat transfer

Ease of Soldering

High electrical conductivity

Corrosion resistance

High Tensile Strength

Nutritious Agro Commodities of Superior Quality


Copper is extensively used in wires and cables, electronic devices, industrial machinery such as electric motors and also as a building material such as for roofing and plumbing.
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Aluminium is one of the lightest metals in the world. It is strong, durable, ductile, flexible and extremely corrosion resistant as its surface is covered by a strong oxide layer.
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Non-Ferrous Scrap

Non-ferrous scrap refers to those materials that do not have iron. These materials retain their chemical properties even after repeated recycling and reprocessing.
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Metalco provides different packaging options:

Coil on Carrier

Coil on Pallet

Wooden Spools

Plastic Spools


For EDM Wires (P5, P10, P20, DIN125, DIN160, DIN200 Spools)

Primary & Secondary Aluminium Alloys

Aluminium alloys, both primary and secondary, are cast into ingots for further processing to be used in various industries.

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Non-Ferrous Metals, Truly Irreplaceable

Non-ferrous metals such as copper, aluminium and alloys are essential in the manufacture of many products and also for the sustainability and economic growth of many industries.

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