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Metalco, an acronym of the names of its three main products –‘Met’als, ‘al’loys and ‘co’mmodities, was incorporated in the year 2011 with the aim of becoming a reliable source for quality metal supplier in India, such as Non ferrous Metals and agricultural commodities like dried fruits from reputed suppliers around the world. Though formally recognized as a company only in the year 2011, the management team has over 25 years of experience in the non-ferrous metal industry having worked with leading international metal companies. This technical know-how has helped us in carving out a niche for ourselves in the non-ferrous industry.


Non-ferrous metals that include metals such as copper, aluminium, nickel, zinc, lead and special alloys have a wide demand base in India especially in the industrial and infrastructure sectors like real estate, automotive, defence, rail, telecommunications, construction, power, chemicals, and consumer durables (brown goods and white goods). Metalco, metal supplier in India with the finest quality metal products sourced from some of the reputed companies around the world.


We believe in long term commitment and therefore our relationships with our clients are bound by professional standards of ethics, sincerity, and openness. We build long term customer relationships by partnering only with the experts in the field who not only have years of experience in producing products of highest quality but also have state of the art production and recycling facilities. We also ensure that they abide by international industry specifications and standards. Thus, Metalco represents only reputed world class producers of non-ferrous metals and commodities in the Indian market.

Most Trusted Partner in the Non-Ferrous Industry

Metalco is the leading provider of non-ferrous metals and commodities in India and is preferred by all for its:

Quality of Products

Quality is the most distinctive aspect in non-ferrous and commodity industries and we ensure to provide only the finest quality non-ferrous metals and commodities.


We ensure to associate with those companies that have state of the art facilities for production and recycling.

Regulatory Compliance

We partner with only those companies that comply with the international industry standards, regulations and specifications. Hence, our products comply with RoHS, REACH, WEEE and “Conflict-free” reporting requirements.

Unique Selling Proposition

With the non-ferrous industry and commodity industry being highly competitive industries, quality becomes the most distinctive aspect of all. Being aware of this, we doubly ensure before associating ourselves with any of the players in the field. We partner only with the specialists in the field. Hence, the name of Metalco has become synonymous with quality, timely delivery, reliability, cost effectiveness and regulatory compliance. This is our USP, which has helped us in building long term relationship with all our clients.