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The Role of Metalco as the Aluminium & Copper Scrap Supplier in Delhi

The Role of Metalco as the Aluminium & Copper Scrap Supplier in Delhi

Considering today’s economic conditions, transitioning to a circular economy is the best means to beat the negative impacts of linear economy. By linear economy what we mean is using raw materials to make products and throwing it away after usage. Following a linear economy all these years have brought forth damaging effects on natural and human environment.

Not only are the natural resources getting depleted but also the environment is getting affected very badly. The land, air and water are getting polluted due to this toxic waste. Metals such as copper, aluminium, brass, steel etc. represent 50% of these wastes.

Metalco involved with aluminium and copper trading in India is also a leading copper and aluminium scrap supplier in Delhi.

Metalco supplies Aluminum Bars, Ingots, Alloys and Sows

Aluminium, the world’s most abundant metal, comes with the most amazing properties. Aluminium is durable, ductile, corrosion resistant, light weight, a great reflector and so on thus making it the most preferred metal for wide range of uses.

Aluminium alloy ingots, aluminium sows, etc. are some of the forms in which aluminium is available.

Aluminium alloy ingots are available in various specifications such as A390, LM6, E434, A356, A413, ADC12 and so on andAlSi3 and so on when it comes to aluminium sows.

High Quality Copper Wire Scraps for Electrical Purpose from Metalco

Besides being a soft, ductile and malleable metal, an important advantage of copper is its excellent thermal and electrical conductivity. Hence, copper is widely used in construction and industrial machinery. It is also used in wiring, motors, roofing, guttering, plumbing, cookware, cooking utensils and so on.

Those who are in search of copper wire supplier in India partner with Metalco as they are the leading good quality copper electrical wire supplier in Delhi. Besides, they also supply copper and aluminium scraps.

Apart from being a copper electrical wire supplier in Delhi, Metalco is one of the few companies in India who is sought after for being the leading aluminium and copper scrap supplier in Delhi.

Thus, companies like Metalco play an important role in turning the economy from linear to circular, where the lifecycle of the products is extended through extensive reuse and recycle.

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