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Get Superior Quality Non-Ferrous Metals, Alloys & Scraps – Metalco

Get Superior Quality Non-Ferrous Metals, Alloys & Scraps – Metalco

Non-ferrous metals because of their mechanical properties such as reduced weight, electrical conductivity, heat conductivity, corrosion resistance, higher strength, nonmagnetic properties, are widely used in many sectors such as aircraft and space, automotive, power, defense, telecom, manufacturing, infrastructure and so on. Metalco is one of the leading copper electrical wire supplier in Delhi apart from being the scrap metal supplier and aluminium supplier in India.

Metalco is preferred as the best of the breed copper wire supplier in India because of the finest quality copper electrical wire that we supply. As there are several copper electrical wire suppliers in Delhi, Metalco is counted as a reliable copper wire supplier in India. They are known for products such as oxygen free copper as cast wire rod, copper phosphorous wires, oxygen free copper wires, silver bearing oxygen free copper wires and so on.

Not just Copper Electrical Wires but also Aluminium and Metal Scrap!

Metalco also trades in aluminium and is also a sought after aluminium supplier in India. Aluminium virgin ingots, aluminium master alloys, aluminium sows, and aluminium foundry ingots are some of the aluminium metals that are available with Metalco. When it comes to aluminium master alloys, we supply AlCr10, AlFe10, AlCu50, AlSi20, AlMn25, AlMn20, AlSi30, AlSi50 and so on. Whether aluminium virgin ingots or aluminium master alloys, Metalco supplies only good quality aluminium.

Supply of Non-Ferrous Scrap (Aluminium & Copper Scraps)

When it comes to non-ferrous scrap in India, there are several metal scrap suppliers. But are they all reliable and trustworthy? The answer is no. However, there is a minuscule of metal scrap suppliers who do business only in good quality non-ferrous scrap in India. Metalco is one such scrap metal supplier in Delhi, who plays a great role in reducing wastage and environmental pollution in the country. By partnering with best of the breed aluminium scrap supplier in India like Metalco, you will get aluminium scrap in the following forms: Tabloid, Tense and Trump.

Partnering with Metalco for non-ferrous scrap, and copper and aluminium metals, you can assure yourself of getting the purest quality copper, aluminium and metal scrap. Metalco ensures to collect metals and alloys from reliable and trustworthy suppliers from all over the world. Moreover, Metalco management team has years of experience in the non-ferrous metal industry and therefore we can easily identify the quality ones from the fake ones. This technical know-how has helped us to identify and partner with companies that supply metals, alloys and scraps of superb quality. Metalco ensures to source non-ferrous metals from only reputed companies having state of the art production and recycling facilities.

We also associate only with those companies that comply with international industry regulations, standards and specifications. Hence, the non-ferrous metals, alloys and scraps comply with RoHS, REACH, WEEE and “Conflict-free” reporting requirements. That is why; Metalco is the preferred choice for many companies as aluminium supplier or copper electrical wire supplier in Delhi. We are one of the leading metal scrap suppliers in Delhi and the whole of India.

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