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Get Finest Quality Aluminium & Copper Wires from Metalco

Get Finest Quality Aluminium & Copper Wires from Metalco



Non-ferrous metals such as Aluminium, Copper or its alloys are of special importance in industries ranging from electrical industry, automobile industry, marine industry, and oil production to machine tooling and aircraft and space industry. Let’s take a closer look at some of the finest quality Aluminium & Copper Wires and other non-ferrous metals supplied by Metalco in India.


Aluminium Wires or Scrap Supply

Aluminium is the most important non-ferrous metal and is very light. It is abundantly found in earth’s crust and has excellent and diverse range of physical, chemical and mechanical properties. Its high thermal, corrosion resistance and electrical conductivity properties make it suitable for forming, casting and machining operations. As aluminium is a multi-purpose metal, it is much sought after. Metalco, involved with aluminium trading in Delhi, is the leading aluminium supplier in India. Companies also partner with Metalco for the supply of aluminium scraps in India.


Copper Wires or Scrap Supply

Copper has excellent electrical and thermal conductivity and shows great resistance to corrosion. It can be easily stretched, moulded and shaped.  It has excellent alloy properties and therefore can be combined with other metals to form alloys.

Metalco added with copper have greater elasticity, flexibility, hardness and resistance to corrosion. With alloys having desirable properties, these are used in highly specialized applications. Metalco, involved with copper trading in Delhi, is the leading copper supplier in India. Metalco is also alloy wires supplier in Delhi.


What are the uses of aluminium?

Aluminium is extensively used in our daily life from kitchenware, CDs, packaging and medicines to computers, furniture, wheels, cars, electric power lines and aircrafts. What makes aluminium a super metal is because of its properties that help protect and prevent damage. Moreover, it is wholly recyclable and so it is an environmental friendly metal.


What are the uses of copper?

When copper wires are wound into a coil, it creates a magnetic field that helps in preventing waste of electrical energy. Hence, copper coils are greatly used in motors, dynamos, electromagnets, transformers and so on. And because of its greater thermal conductivity, it is used for making copper plates, copper pipes, and heat sinks.

Besides copper is a hygienic metal and therefore is the perfect metal to be used in hospitals. Being the leading copper wires supplier in Delhi, companies partner with Metalco for the supply of good quality copper wires.


Metalco, the leading aluminium and copper supplier in India, is also involved with the supply of alloy wires and aluminium scraps in India. They supply finest quality aluminium scraps, alloy wires and copper wires in Delhi. Metalco is widely known for their quality, timely delivery, reliability, cost effectiveness and regulatory compliance.

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