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A Ray of Hope for the Metal Scrap Suppliers in Delhi

A Ray of Hope for the Metal Scrap Suppliers in Delhi


According to Research and Markets’ “Global Metal Recycling Market Analysis 2020”, the Global Metal Recycling market is expected to reach $98.44 billion by 2026 growing at a CAGR of 9.3% from 2018 to 2026. This is definitely a win-win situation for environmentalists as well as metal scrap suppliers in Delhi. With the coronavirus pandemic affecting business heavily, growth in the recycling market definitely gives hope to the metal scrap suppliers in India.

As for the environmentalists, rise in the demand of metal scraps translates into lesser strain on the environment. The pressure felt by the environment is much less than the strain that it feels when producing metals from metal ores. With metals like copper and aluminium being the most commonly used metals in industrial and domestic fields, the extreme damage it causes to the environment is alarming.

Metalco is a scrap metal supplier in Delhi, who supplies both copper and aluminium scraps in Delhi. A leading supplier of copper, aluminium metal alloys and copper winding wire in Delhi, Metalco has succeeded in creating a name for itself for being not just a copper wire supplier in Delhi but also prominent aluminium supplier in India.

Metalco has also received numerous orders for supplying aluminium virgin ingots in Delhi and has supplied copper electrical wire in Delhi as well as in other parts of India. Let’s look at the implications of using metals like copper and aluminium on the environment as well as economy and the measures implemented by Metalco to eliminate the environmental strain and to boost economy.

Use and Reuse of Metal Scraps

Due to their chemical and physical properties, copper and aluminium is used in industrial as well as domestic sectors. For instance, aluminium is used in the packaging industry, transport industry, construction industry, in the manufacture of utensils and watches, and also in various applications for producing wires, paints, reflective surfaces and so on. As for copper, it is widely used in manufacturing electric wires, cables, electric circuits, PCBs, industrial tools, machines, and plumbing and roofing materials such as gutters, pipes, vaults and doors etc. Once used, these metals find their way to landfill and the toxins damage soil and water thereby causing irreparable damage to the environment. However, Metalco being the leading scrap metal supplier in Delhi, ensures to stop this environmental damage by using and reusing metal scraps again and again. This brings about positive effects on the environment.

Economic Benefits

The energy required to recycle metals is far less when compared to the energy required to manufacture metals from the ores. So lesser energy consumption means lesser expenses. Moreover, the recycling and reuse industry is highly labor intensive and therefore it creates job opportunities for more and more people thereby contributing to the country’s economy. A study found that the scrap metal recycling industry had created nearly five lakhs jobs. Thus by being the leading copper scrap and aluminium scrap supplier in Delhi, Metalco has been able to provide jobs to lakhs and lakhs of people.
With Covid-19 pandemic hurting economy badly, the analysis by Research and Markets about the growth in the recycling market gives a ray of hope to the metal scrap suppliers in India and in other parts of the world.

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