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Lead Free Brass Wires

This alloy comprises of 5% to 40% zinc. It is known by different names such as Gilding Brass, Commercial Bronze, Jewellery Bronze, Red Brass, Brass, Low Brass, Cartridge Brass, Yellow Brass and Muntz Metal.


  • Properties : Cold heading, elasticity, electrical and thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, tensile strength, memory, weldability, plateability and colour
  • Suitable for : Plumbing components, costume jewellery, ball point pens, chain links, y strips for brass zippers, connectors, electrical sockets, cables, cable wrap, welding wire, chins, springs, wire screens and so on
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Technical Specifications

  • C210 (0.13mm – 22.20mm diameter)
  • C220 (0.13mm – 22.20mm diameter)
  • C226 (0.13mm – 22.20mm diameter)
  • C230 (0.13mm – 22.20mm diameter)
  • C240 (0.13mm – 22.20mm diameter)
  • C260 (0.13mm – 22.20mm diameter)
  • C270 (0.13mm – 22.20mm diameter) – EDM wires
  • C274 (0.13mm – 22.20mm diameter) – EDM wires
  • C280 (0.13mm – 22.20mm diameter)


Wire EDM or Electrical Discharge Machining wire is a manufacturing process by which desired shapes are obtained through electrical discharges. The brass EDM wire is the most common wire EDM used today. EDM finished wire is available in diameter sizes of 0.20mm, 0.25mm, and 0.30mm.